DYI Clip-System Prefinished Solid Flooring Pristine Wood – Clip System Flooring

Before and during Installation
Before you install your Pristine Wood floor read these instructions. Our Pristine Wood quick clip system is laid as a floating floor on a dry, load bearing sub floor of concrete, concrete screed or wooden material. The building must be weather tight. The heating system must be installed and tested, and during the heating season should be in operation, concrete screeding and other wet trades, tiling, plastering and priming of paintwork etc. must be completed. The relative humidity of the building must be within the expected range of the building when in use 35% – 65% and the temperature approx 18 degrees celcius before the boards are delivered and installation can begin. Leave the flooring packs to acclimatize in the room in which they will be laid for 48 hours. Do not open the packing until just prior to laying the floor.

Download our Pristine Wood Brocure PDF – 493KB

Quick Clip System – Laying the Boards
On a concrete or screeded floor, use an intermediate underlay layer to ensure good walking comfort and sound step reduction with the moisture barrier. We recommend that the boards are laid parallel to the longest side of the room. Roll out the underlay at right angles to the direction that the boards are going to be laid. Turn the board over and tap the end of the clip with the barb(s) into the groove on the back of the board, so that the plain end clip points in direction of the tongue, which is the laying direction. Lay the board in place, tongue pointing away from the wall. Continue to the end of the row, gluing their header joints. Boards must never be glued along the length. Cut the last board to length. Use the off cut to start the next row. To lay subsequent row of boards, tap the joints together, using a wooden block working evenly along the boards. Lay the boards in a random pattern. Distribute the header joints as far apart as possible. The distance between board joints and in two successive rows should be at least 2.5cm. One row of boards should not be in line with the starve joints in a neighbouring row but must be spread apart as far as possible. First and last clips: max 8cm from the end of the board. Other clips spacing: first and last row 40cm centres. All other rows 70cm centres for residential and 50cm centres for commercial. The clips must be staggered (in line) by approx 5cm. The first row of boards are installed leaving an expansion gap at the wall of 1.5mm for every running metre of floor width at each side, with a min expansion gap of 1.0mm for every metre of floor length at each end of the min gap of 15mm.

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