Australian Wormy Chestnut

Uniquely beautiful.
The natural features found in our hardwood reveal a history of seasonal diversity and insect activity in the forest. Nature unmistakably leaves her signature, and with it, the opportunity for designers and manufacturers to create totally unique finishes. With responsible forest management and greater processing efficiencies, Australian Wormy Chestnut is considered valuable for all flooring applications.

As we increasingly recognise the natural character and beauty that comes from individuality, greater value will be given to whatis uniquely Australian Wormy Chestnut.
Predominantly made up of large hardwoods found in the western and central parts of Victoria through to the easter (coastal) areas of Victoria and souther New South Wales. Commonly grow in moist open forests of foothills and mountains.
Similar to traditional Oak but with enhanced strength and durability characteristics. Natural characteristics are typical ly pin hole and squiggly worm markings.
Light sorrel (light-red brown) to a deep cinnamon nut with highlights of pink.


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