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Australian Native Eucalypt Logs

Austwood Australia Pty Ltd is Australia’s leaders in logging, milling and processing of unique Australian native timbers. Leader in supplying the highest quality products for both domestic and export markets. We are also exporters of Australian native timber logs.

Home of “Aussie Gold” and “Koko Kollection”

Austwood Australia Pty Ltd are Australia’s leaders in the milling and processing of Australian Cypress this unique, naturally white ant resistant Australian native timber.

  • Australian Cypress Australia’s traditional building material
  • Has withstood the test of time in the harshest environments, from the snow country to the tropics.
  • Very low shrinkage
  • Naturally resistant to termite (white ant) attack – the only commercially milled species in the world that is truly termite resistant
  • Lends itself to frames and foundations, and its natural beauty gives it wide appeal for flooring and panelling.

Australian Cypress, a Truly Unique Timber

About Austwood Australia Pty Ltd

Austwood Australia represents some of the largest Australian Cypress milling operations in Australia. We are focused on providing product of the highest quality, consistency and resentation to meet the individual customer ́s requests.

Our focus on our customers is evident through the quality control programme implemented and operational, that ensures that only an optimal end product is received by our customers of this unique Australian native timber.Our operations have a simple marketing strategy, that of minimising opportunities for customer disatisfaction, by placing our customer where they belong, at the centre of all our business efforts.
Our customers are the reason we are in business, therefore it is imperative to ensure that only the very best quality product is received by our customer,Australian Cypress represents one of the most attractive, durable, and adaptable of any of the timbers found throughout the world. It is its uniqueness that is creating a large amount of interest in many markets throughout the world, and the fact that Australia has some of the best possible forestry management policies in place adds to the ability of being able to supply a growing international building market with a consistent supply of quality Australian timber products.
The Australian Cypress has a special warmth not found in any other timber throughout the world.

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