Blue Gum

Eucalyptus saligna, known as the Sydney blue gum, is a large Australian hardwood (flowering) tree common along the New South Wales seaboard and into Queensland, which can reach a maximum of 65 metres (213 feet) in height.
Eucalyptus saligna grows as a straight and tall forest tree, growing to heights of 30 to 55 (or rarely 65) m (100–210 ft) tall with a dbh of 2 or even 2.5 m (7–10 ft). The trunk has smooth pale grey or white bark with a long ‘skirt’ of rough brownish bark at the base. The dark green leaves are arranged alternately along the stems. The white flowers appear from December to February, and are arranged in groups of seven to eleven in umbellasters.

Eucalyptus saligna is generally found within 120 km (75 mi) of the coastline in its range from the New South Wales south coast to Maryborough in central Queensland. To the northwest, it is found in disjunct populations in central Queensland; Eungella National Park, Kroombit Tops, Consuelo Tableland, Blackdown Tableland and Carnarvon Gorge. It grows in tall forests in more sheltered areas, on clay or loam soils, and alluvial sands.

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