Eucalyptus paniculata (Grey Ironbark) is a common eucalyptus tree of eastern New South Wales, Australia.[1] A dark trunked forest tree with grey furrowed bark. When in flower, the nectar is attractive to birds and insects, and is used in honey production.
A forest tree, mostly seen between 20 and 30 metres tall. However, a tree at Yarrat, near Taree was measured at 56 metres tall and a trunk diameter at breast height of 1.94 metres.

The bark is fairly typical of ironbarks, being rough, hard and furrowed. But somewhat paler than some ironbarks. Also, the bark can be almost corky in some trees. From a distance it may appear brown, rather than grey. Young trees have a compact dense crown, but with age the canopy becomes more open.

White flowers form on panicles between May and January. Juvenile leaves are opposite on the stem. Adult leaves are alternate on the stem, a different green above and below the leaf. Somewhat glossy above. Noticeably veiny, lanceolate in shape. Gumnuts are hemispherical or reverse conical in shape.

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