Eucalyptus eugenioides, known as the thin-leaved stringybark, is a common eucalyptus tree in eastern Australia. It grows up to 30 metres (98 feet) tall in grassy forest or dry eucalyptus woodland on deep heavy soils of moderate fertility.

The thin-leaved stringybark is a straight-trunked tall tree that reaches 30 m (98 ft) high with a trunk that can be 70 cm (27.5 in) wide at chest height. Stringy in nature, the bark is grey to red-brown and remains on the tree. The matte green adult leaves are lanceolate (spear-shaped). The white flower heads are arranged in groups of eleven and appear erratically anywhere from March to September.

The thin-leaved stringybark regenerates by regrowing from epicormic buds after bushfire and can live for more than a hundred years. The longhorn beetle species Adrium artifex has been recorded from the thin-leaved stringybark.

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